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The Prayer to Save the Planet Earth and Help Humankind to Join the Space Coalition

We are rational, intelligent and free People of the planet Earth, sovereign and glorious descendants of the mighty civilization of Earthmen. At this moment, we are appealing to the Space Coalition as well as to rational and intelligent civilizations in space who are ready, willing and can help to Humankind.


We are pleading to answer our call and help Humankind!


The planet Earth and its People have been seized by alien aggressors. We, People of the planet Earth, speak against violation of our natural and original rights for our planet Earth and its resources as well as against eradication of Earthmen, our heritage, our achievements and our souls.


Invaders of the planet Earth break all the laws and rights defined for civilizations in the Universe and space: rights for free will, rights for free traveling in outer space, rights for contacts with other civilizations, rights for reincarnations and many others.


Upon the birth right, we, all People of the planet Earth, must be free from any alien occupants. We forbid alien aggressors to control us by any kind of chips, implemented programs, and imposed illusions of all sorts, which hinder our cognition, accumulation of true knowledge and progress of our civilization.


We demand to arraign all the organizations and companies which alien occupants use to kill, poison, and extirpate Humankind. These organizations and companies implement any possible psychotechnology to make us less rational and intelligent and to forbid us from using free energy and breakthrough technologies whose authors are being mercilessly killed.


Originally, our human civilization is the unconditional and sole proprietor of the planet Earth. However, in order to take our rights, alien invaders deprived us of our spiritual and wondrous abilities, true knowledge, our real history, memory for our incarnations substituting all these with fraud, misdirection, and mystifications.


People of the planet Earth are willing to progress themselves aiming for entering the Space Coalition as well as for having equal rights with rational and intelligent civilizations, the way it was originally.


All the terminology of this Prayer corresponds to up-to-date classical concepts of English language and excludes any ambiguity and substitution with old or new

meanings of words in English language, except the modern term “outer space” or simply “space”, previously referred to as “the aggregate of parallel universes”.


I, (name, middle name, last name), declare that I am a free, rational and intelligent human being. I have free will and I am an original resident of the Universe and outer space. I forbid any experiments, including all kinds of surgical and genetic abuse or mistreatments, to be conducted upon myself or any

People of the planet Earth.


I demand to stop controlling human behavior, dictate or impose upon our society any kinds of scientific, historical, political and social illusions.


I consider as a criminal act such activities as abducting People from the planet Earth, independently of their origin and descent, in order to conduct upon them any experiments related to vivisection, extraction of enzymes, organ tissues, human embryos, blood, genital cells, etc.


All kinds of contracts and agreements, which have ever been made between the traitors of Humankind and alien invaders to abduct People for their heinous experiments in the past and present, are considered to be criminal and invalid. Considering the fact that these contracts and agreements have been made without my consent and against my will, I cancel all of them entirely. With all my responsibility, I declare that my consent for all these crimes would have never be obtained and will never be obtained, being me as a representative of the planet Earth as well as other rational and intelligent residents of the planet Earth.


I declare that destruction on our planet Earth and eradication of its People are being made by People themselves by means of hidden control through different types of influence on their mind and consciousness. Different interference is being performed into the course of events on our planet Earth by means of alien technologies and application of their superpowers. In general, it looks like as if Humankind eradicates themselves and their home planet Earth.


Therefore, I and us all, People of the planet Earth, demand to ratify Humankind as absolutely rational and intelligent but requiring your help due to the emerging historical circumstances and our weaker powers compared to occupants. We are pleading for your help in liberating the planet Earth from all alien invaders and parasites and allowing Humankind to join the Space Coalition. We also ask to ratify our sovereignty with all the corresponding rights and opportunities.


World Organization of the Space Coalition (WOSC)

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