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Manual for the Prayer to Save the Planet Earth and Help Humankind to Join the Space Coalition by V. A. Shemshuk

In spite of the fact that World Organization of the Space Coalition (WOSC) and its members were admitted to the Space Coalition as far back as in 2015, nevertheless Humankind is not a part of it yet. Therefore, all those who are willing to be admitted to the Space Coalition in order to avoid slavery, serve as material for experiments, a donor of enzymes, blood, and tissues solely because being defined as irrational and unintelligent, it is necessary to enunciate the Prayer according to the following guidelines:

  • Start at the beginning of every even hour as per your local time. Each even hour should be covered within 24 hours, e.g., 2am, 4am, 6am, 8am, 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm, 8pm, 10pm, and 12am according to your local time. Overall, the Prayer should be enunciated minimum 12 times. If you missed a particular even hour within 24 hours, enunciate the Prayer at this even hour but in the next circle of hours. Ideally, 12 times should be done within 24 hours but if you missed certain hours, enunciate the Prayer for the lost hours as soon as possible. This overall activity creates your protective soliton by the specific words of the Prayer. It is necessary to be admitted to the Space Coalition.

  • Enunciate the Prayer directing your sound to the North.

  • Hold your palms in front of your face under the 90-degree angle as shown in the figure below:


  • Enunciation should be started exactly at the beginning of the even hours. If you are late for 12 seconds or more, it is better to skip this time and proceed with the next even hour.

  • Create strong images in your mind during enunciation of the Prayer.

When you enunciate the Prayer at least 12 times, please inform the managers of WOSC at vokk@shemshuk.net to receive confirmation about your admittance to WOSC. The abbreviation VOKK in Russian corresponds to WOSC in English. Your name, middle name, and last name are not needed, you just need to inform about your 12 times of enunciation. This information is necessary for statistics so that the Space Coalition would have solid grounds to help Humankind and not only the managers of WOSC.

Even if this email box is blocked, your enunciation of the Prayer a minimum of 12 times will make you a member of WOSC automatically.

Children under 14 years old do not need to enunciate the Prayer since all the children on the planet Earth are the default members of WOSC.

It is recommended to enunciate the Prayer again after some time, minimum once per a certain period of time, to reinforce the protective field around.

Enunciation of the Prayer is strongly recommended to all the inventors, pioneers, explorers, researchers, and ground breakers, especially outside of the official science. Enunciation of the Prayer 12 times will save a human being from being eradicated by occupants.

If interested, you can join the field of the Prayer created by a group of people on the daily basis: at 12pm Moscow time (UTC+3) in the Eastern hemisphere, and 12am Moscow time (UTC+3) in the Western hemisphere.

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